How can IT support your business?

Efficient implementation of tasks requires adequate IT resources. If you wish to improve the workflow, a suitable system will allow to unify the communication, improve work efficiency and to decrease the costs of your business. If you wish to improve the external communication, we are here to offer a wide range of network solutions. Why is this so important? Nowadays, no business may exist without the support of the best IT solutions. Competitive advantage is gained by the companies which make this rule a strategy for their development.

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Problems with increasing amount of data?

Data processing and storage requires adequate equipment and software adjusted to the individual needs. This is why we offer solutions which ensure more effective and optimal use of storage such as server systems, disk arrays, clustering services and backup systems.

Do you plan to develop your infrastructure?

Does your company continuously implement projects which require to create new IT resources? Do you wish to change and quickly establish new environments, better corresponding to the company’s needs?  Let us virtualize the IT infrastructure in your company. This way, you will ensure a more effective use of the resources, efficiency management and optimization of the storage resources.

How can IT support your business?

Do you wish to increase the efficiency and decrease the costs of your company? Prepare the IT resources for a better support of the key business processes. Efficient execution of tasks requires adequate IT resources. This is why we offer mobile SFA systems, efficient workflow and network solutions.

Professional support? It’s us.

Using the state-of-the-art technologies, we efficiently support all operational areas of modern companies. We offer IT environment auditing, consulting services, implementation services, management outsourcing, servicing and IT financing.

K3Cloud, the cloud of benefits

Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way enterprises operate. The basic benefits of using the cloud are the shorter time required to introduce products to the market, greater flexibility of the IT department and the possibility to react to competition’s activities in a flash.

Efficient management with Bpower2

How to increase the company’s efficiency within a short period of time? The solution is to bring order to knowledge resources and tasks in the simplest way possible. How to achieve that? It is best to use tools such as Bpower2.


Our Partners


Zespół Zarządców Nieruchomości

Zespół Zarządców Nieruchomości implemented the IBM PureFlex System solution that ensures the greatest efficiency and reliability of business systems.


K3System helped to introduce virtualization in the Carservis company. The project significantly limited the costs and allowed for new business development possibilities.

Sokółka Okna i Drzwi

The implemented solution allows the Sokółka Okna i Drzwi company to complete the assumed business plans. The implemented technology and virtualization has given the company new development opportunities.

Grupa Aegon

The replacement of the server equipment by K3System with an efficient and flexible Fujitsu server platform allowed the AEGON Capital Group to increase their work efficiency and to improve the operations of their subsidiaries.

Telekomunikacja Podlasie Sp. z o.o.

K3System supplied and implemented the Fujitsu server environment which led to the increase in the efficiency of the IT systems, power savings and better use of the server room area.


The supply of a complete IT system based on 3 IBMx3850 servers and 2 Storwize v3700 hybrid storage systems. The benefits for the client were the excellent efficiency and the possibility of unlimited development of the IT environment.

Our solutions support over 300 companies

We are the authors of success in many renowned and valued Polish companies. Our task does not only consist in the implementation of modern IT solutions. We offer much more. Do you need advice? Are you looking for the best solutions for your company? We are at your service.

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“With K3System I have been cooperating since 2002. The company met our expectations in terms of delivering solutions. Our cooperation is carried out in an atmosphere of complete understanding of customer needs as well as the highest standards of quality. I recommend K3System company as a professional business partner”.
Paweł Poznański, Head of IT Department, VOLKSWAGEN BANK POLSKA S.A.
“K3System Sp. z o.o.with its registered office in Warsaw at Patriotów 303 is our supplier of printers and hardware. With K3System Sp. z o.o. we work since 2004. The company is solid, competent and performs delivery of due diligence. Based on previous experience, we can recommend the services of K3System Sp. z o.o. in the supply of computer equipment”.
Piotr Ruszkarski, Vice-President of IT Department, Centralny Dom Maklerski PEKAO S.A.
“I hereby announce that K3System Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at Patriotów 303 is one of our suppliers of computer hardware and software since 2000. We are extremely satisfied with its services. The company complies with the orders reliably and on time. With full responsibility, we can recommend the services of K3System”.
Wojciech Rybak, Head of IT Department, RTV EURO AGD
“Since 2003, working with the company K3System Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Patriotów 303 in Warsaw in the supply of computer equipment. Experience of previous cooperation are positive. Company K3System Sp. z o.o. treats solidly its obligations and is a major partner that guarantees a high level of knowledge of the services provided”.
Grażyna Cheetham, IT Department Director, BRE Bank S.A.
“K3System Sp. z o.o. dprovided the server system and storage system based on IBM System X servers 3650 and IBM System Storage. With this project we obtained an efficient and scalable solution, fully realizing the company’s business plans. K3System proved that it has a qualified team of engineers and consultants who offer full support at every stage of projects, ranging from the preparation of solutions to the stage of the delivery and commissioning of the complete system”.
Krzysztof Sikora, Director of the IT Office, Pekao Leasing Sp. z o.o.


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