Opis wdrożenia

Zespół Zarządców Nieruchomości has implemented the IBM PureFlex System which ensures the highest efficiency and reliability of business systems. The implementation is the first step in transforming the company into a modern, competitive and well-managed organization.

Zespół Zarządców Nieruchomości faced a challenge of developing and scaling their infrastructure. The previous IT environment of the company was based on 20 several-years-old machines, and the storage components were autonomous, separate databases.

ZZN has decided to develop and virtualize their infrastructure to ensure more effective and optimal use of the storage resources.

“We wished to establish a common IT platform for the entire organization. Our machines manufactured in 2008 and 2010 did not have sufficient power to complete that task. This is why we have decided to seek a new solution and to build the environment from scratch,” says Marcin Kolasa.

The company was looking for tools that would allow them to improve the efficiency of management by allowing them to make decisions based upon full, coherent and current data.

Before selecting the solution and the supplier, the company conducted a pre-implementation analysis based on which it has precisely specified its needs. The company has considered several solutions, while the IBM offer was characterized by the widest range of functionalities at the best price. The company selected the IBM PureFlex System that combines the computational resources, mass storage, network and virtualization and management mechanisms within a single system. The K3System company, an IBM Premier Business Partner, became the implementation partner.

The implementation of the IBM PureFlex System allowed to reduce the costs and to improve the efficiency of the company’s activities. The integrated environment improved the internal communications and allowed for automating many processes.

“Due to the cooperation with K3System and the selection of IBM solutions, our partner became more flexible and precise and has greater client service capabilities,” says Krzysztof Sołtys.

“The scalability of the system does not limit our future plans and the efficiency of these machines ensures problem-free operation in a very complicated environment. At the current development level of the company, the high efficiency of the infrastructure is ensured for the several years to come,” says Marcin Kolasa.