Opis wdrożenia

The replacement of the current server equipment an efficient and flexible Fujitsu server platform allowed the Aegon Capital Group to increase their work efficiency and to improve the operations of their subsidiaries.

AEGON is a globally renowned company specialized in life insurance, retirement plans as well as saving and investment products. The company also conducts a limited banking activity and operates within the accident and health insurance sector.  AEGON serves over 40 million customers in over 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia while hiring 27,500 employees. The revenues of the company reach nearly a billion EURO a year.

Creating an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure based on technologically advanced and state-of-the-art equipment.  It was substantial to ensure the high flexibility of the offered server and array solution by allowing for a dynamic reconfiguration of the environment.  The goal was to achieve an environment offering high development possibilities while decreasing the power consumption and reducing the space used in the company’s server rooms.

The replacement of the infrastructure was commenced with purchasing PCs and laptops.  Fujitsu was selected as the supplier of the equipment. The reliability, efficient operation and  high quality of these devices as well as the individual approach to customers has facilitated the decision on extending the cooperation with Fujitsu to the server equipment.  A dynamic server platform, namely the PRIMERGY BX900 chassis equipped with PRIMERGY BX924 and BX920 server blades and SX980 mass storage was used for the critical applications of the company. The solution is complemented by classic rack servers of the PRIMERGY RX350 S7 family. The solution is also comprised of the efficient LAN and SAS switches for the PRIMERGY BX blade enclosures.