Opis wdrożenia

The implementation of IT solutions has transformed the operator from the Podlasie region. It became fast, effective and ready to face new challenges.

The operator’s activity was supported by a server environment that allowed for high-quality services. Due to an increasing number of operations, however, the system ceased to be effective and the performance of the same activities took increasing amounts of time.

“We needed a reliable system for provisioning services in networks. Various technologies of the provided services required from us the use of the most efficient equipment infrastructure and the most reliable software,” says Marek Roszkowski.

The dynamically growing number of customers of Telekomunikacja Podlasie has directly translated into the heavy loads for the used solutions. Further development of the network, its expansion with new access technologies and further services required an efficient, reliable and scalable system.

“Until now we have used various Fujitsu server solutions. Both rack (RX100, RX200) and blade (BX600) servers have proved effective in our conditions. The stability of the solutions was the key factor of the selection we made,” says Marek Roszkowski.

By implementing the Fujitsu solutions, the Telekomunikacja Podlasie company has started an efficient server environment while creating proper conditions for the development of their business. The implementation has completely solved the business problem the company was challenged with. To summarize, four main benefits may be distinguished:

1. A significant increase in the capabilities and efficiency of the equipment will allow for problem-free functioning of the current and new services.
2. Saving space in the server room – the servers may be installed in various locations, even if no space is available in the server room.
3. Power-saving due to more energy efficient devices.
4. Decreased heat emissions, which means lower loads for the air-conditioning and results in saving power.