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The Medicover company offering healthcare services in their Medical Centers in Poland and in a Hospital in Warsaw has selected the efficient and easily-managed IBM Storwize v3700 solution, which is the response to the rapidly increasing amount of data. The new array will improve the speed of key applications and will allow to decrease the costs and create new development possibilities.

Providing high-quality medical services and dynamic development would not be possible without the support of modern technological solutions. All locations owned by Medicover are covered by a common IT environment which must fulfill the requirements of the dynamically developing business.

“Medicover opens new locations and we provide brand new services for the increasing number of patients. We have noted that at that rate of development, our IT environment would soon cease to fulfill the expectations of the business. At the same time, continuing the exploitation of some of the infrastructure’s elements would be economically ineffective. Changes were required to ensure long-term support to our business needs,” says Tomasz Pawłowski, IT operations manager, Medicover.

Medicover has decided to find a solution that would allow for a more effective and optimal performance of business processes. The company wished to obtain greater infrastructure development possibilities while making it simpler.

While seeking the best solution, the IT department employees have conducted a thorough analysis of the needs. As the first stage, the information regarding the parameters of the new hardware that would fit within the budget were collected.

Inquiries were sent to three partners representing various hardware manufacturers. The best solution comprising of the IBM Storwize v3700 array and IBM System x3850 servers was presented by the K3System company from Warsaw, an IBM Advanced Business Partner. The price was the key value in the comparison algorithm, but other factors played a significant role as well. To exemplify that, one of the offered solutions was cheaper but it was lacking the Easy Tier functionality that is of high importance from the perspective of the assumed goals.

“The servers we have offered were of the same product line as the ones already in possession of Medicover, but equipped with the newest processors, a large amount of RAM and 8 GB/s FC cards. The arrays, however, provided the leap in the performance of the entire system. IBM Storwize v3700’s cache is four times the cache of the devices previously used by the client. The arrays are based on much more cost efficient 6gb/s SAS drives – the old ones were FC 4 GB/s. Additionally, the new arrays are based on considerably faster SSD drives,” says Michał Kowalski, President of the Board, K3System Sp. z o.o.

The Medicover Medical Centre purchased 3 IBM System x3850 servers and 2 IBM Storwize v3700 arrays. The IBM x3850 servers are an excellent solution ensuring high performance, the possibility of development and flexibility – that is, the qualities necessary in modern data processing centers. The IBM Storwize v3700 array is an example of an advanced enterprise-class mass storage for the most demanding organizations. With this implementation, Medicover achieved unlimited infrastructure development possibilities while ensuring its simplification.