Opis wdrożenia

K3System helped to introduce virtualization in the Carservis company. The project significantly limited the costs and allowed for new business development possibilities.

In the middle of 2013, the Carservis company faced the problem of developing and scaling their infrastructure. The IT environment of the company was based on over 40 physically and logically separate servers.

“The further development of the current environment was not efficient in terms of costs. First of all – we were out of physical locations to add more servers and second of all – our equipment was obsolete and required modernization. When some applications and subsystems ceased to fulfill the expectations of the business, we have decided to find a new solution,” says Sylwester Ostrowski, IT Manager, Carservis S.A.

Carservis wished to implement a modern, efficient and scalable IT system that would support the current activities of the company. It was also important to prepare the IT infrastructure for the further development of the company.

Carservis purchased 3 IBM System x3650 servers and an IBM Storwize v 3700 hybrid system. The IBM x3650 servers are great solutions ensuring excellent efficiency, development possibilities and flexibility, that is the properties required in modern data processing centers. The IBM Storwize v3700 array, on the other hand is an example of an advanced enterprise-class mass storage for the most demanding organizations.

Before supplying the solution, the K3System conducted the start-up and a series of efficiency tests. The tests were conducted based on similar applications used by the company. This way, the Carservis obtained reliable and ready-to-use devices.

The IBM solutions supplied by K3System allowed the Carservis company to improve the efficiency of using their resources and to optimize their server infrastructure. Due to the better efficiency and the higher parameters of the IBM System x3650 servers and the IBM Storwize v3700 array, the IT environment started to meet the requirements and demands of the business.

“The main task of the IT infrastructure is to guarantee optimal work conditions and to create possibilities to reach business goals. The IBM solutions allow us to fulfill our role with excellency. We now have a modern, efficient and scalable IT system supporting the activities of our company,” says Sylwester Ostrowski, IT manager, Carservis S.A.

The current IT system of the company ensures high availability of data and guarantees full reliability.